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"FYI, while snowbound, I used your EXCELLENT online CLE. Great stuff! "

- Stephanie Paulos

Franklin Simpson, P.C.
"Marc's seminars are not only informative but are also an excellent networking tool for practicing attorneys"

- James Khani

"Marc Israel's continuing legal education classes are top of the line!"

- Cynthia DiMarco

"Marc opens each class with an introduction and allows those in attendance a chance to get to know each other. I highly recommend the courses "

- Peter Bartfeld

Salon Marrow
"Marc's classes do more than explain what the law is. They help you be a better lawyer."

- Bruce Caputo

"Marc's classes are great. His choice of topics and speakers are on the "mark!""

- Cheryl Dresner

Dresner & Dresner
"Marc puts forth a sincere effort to continually evolve and improve his program for the benefit of his participants."

- Lorenzo DeLillo

General Counsel Sapir Organization
"The lecturers are extremely well versed in their field of law and are able to provide practical insights."

- Howard Borkan

"I have been able to make valuable business contacts at Marc's CLE courses which have helped me and my practice."

- Jose Rivera

D'Agostino, Levine, Landesman & Lederman
"I promise you that if you attend one of Marc Israel's CLE courses that you will return for more."

- Jeffrey Randall Karp

"Marc Israel's CLE classes are far and away the most comprehensive, informative, and practical in town."

- Alan Franklin

"Marc makes his attendees feel as kings as he makes himself constantly available."

- A. Edward Major

"Marc's knowledge of real estate law is superb and he has an uncanny ability for keeping those in attendance engaged and interested."

- Pierre Debbas

Romer Debbas
"How can an attorney keep your attention for nearly four hours of an Ethic's class? You need to hear Marc Israel speak."

- Michele Peters

"Marc's CLE courses are informative, thought provoking and best of all interesting. Highly recommended!"

- Matthew Hall

Goldstein Hall
"Marc Israel runs one of the best CLE shops in town. The time flies and you leave feeling you have been fully engaged in a worthwhile learning experience"

- Alex Avitabile

Enterprise Community Partners
"Anyone attending Marc's classes will leave with information and knowledge that they did not have before. "

- Daniel DiBenedetto

Toner & DiBenedetto