National Law Institute (NLI) is a leading provider of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in New York and New Jersey. NLI produces and distributes hundreds of hours of live, video, and online CLE classes that are attended, viewed, and taken by a growing base of tens of thousands of lawyers and other professionals in the New York metropolitan area and around the country.

NLI began in 2006 as, named after NLI’s founder, CEO, and Co-Chairman, Marc Israel, a former real estate attorney (and stand-up comic!) turned title insurance executive. The program began with just two Real Estate CLE classes given by Marc himself to his colleagues in the field. Initially approved for CLE credit on a case by case (class by class) basis, by 2008, Marc received blanket accreditation and recognition as an Educational Institution by the New York CLE Board, and formed the New York Institute for Continuing Education (but continued doing business as In 2013, Marc joined forces with NLI Co-Chairman Robert Schechter, a venture capitalist and M&A lawyer, to form NLI and rebrand to reflect the growing scope of its business. That same year, Marc’s company became accredited in New Jersey as well as New York, and changed its name to the National Law Institute.